Our synergy effects

We are specialists in several fields. These include beverages (spirits, wine and AFG), food, lifestyle, beauty, as well as packaging, services, technology and foundations.

In practical work, there are overarching PR-relevant topics such as health and enjoyment, the expertise of which brings clear advantages for our customers. This distinguishes us from specialists who only work in one segment.

We guarantee a return on investment

Thinking for commercial enterprises means acting economically. At MuthKomm we offer good concepts and good contacts at good conditions. We handle your money as if it were our own. With the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of our results we show the value of our work for our customers.

We guarantee a return on investment higher than 3. Usually it is several times higher. And this supports our contact person on the customer side to successfully sell the benefit of the investment in communication, also internally.

Our range of services

Communication is an important part of corporate management. And it contributes significantly to the success of a company. We support companies in their communication measures. In this way we help them to be even more efficient and successful. Our services have proven their worth with both smaller and market-leading international companies. Not only do we bring our journalistic skills and the best media contacts to the collaboration, but we also provide business management expertise and a decisive marketing orientation. We provide personal and close-up advice because we see things from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Communcation Strategy

The development of a successful PR strategy begins with an analysis. The interpretation of the analysis results flows into the consulting and conceptual work. The concept explains which measures we recommend and why. Good PR involves not only implementing the measures, but also evaluating them and feeding the results into further conceptual work steps.

Press work

Providing media journalistic material for reporting is one of the basic tasks of PR (agenda setting). The spectrum of ways in which information is provided in print, virtually or in personal encounters ranges from press releases and image material to digital newsrooms, press conferences and round tables, events and journalist trips. Continuous evaluation makes it possible to monitor success and adjust communication.

Social PR

Social media (B2B and B2C) is an established way to create greater proximity to customers and other stakeholders (owned media channels). In addition, Internet users generate content and disseminate opinions independently of the official communication of a company or brand. It is highly recommended to control such processes with professional PR support. Communicating interesting topics (text and images) has always been the special discipline of PR. This also applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Editorial theme plans, supporting Facebook ads, blogger relations and blogger events are part of our daily work.

Crisis prevention

How to deal with media enquiries? How not to heat up topics in crises, how to react openly? No company can completely protect itself from crises. But every company is well advised to prepare for crises with an experienced partner. MuthKomm has a comprehensive range of professional crisis instruments at its disposal. The spectrum ranges from preventive analyses and issue management to the development of crisis communication modules tailored to needs and practical training for emergencies.

Editing and creation

Only skilful editorial processing turns an information into a news item with news value that interests the media audience. MuthKomm stands for a creative combination of “good writing” and “marketing thinking” that lends journalistic quality economic usefulness as well. We create company reports, annual reports, business reports, trade folders, recipe books, product presentations, image brochures, employee and customer magazines, newsletters, flyers, leporellos and invitations.

Communication Events

Creating a communication platform means claiming a topic area for your company or brand and making it the basis for communicative measures and actions. For example, you can generate image-building information with news and utility value from the topic area. One can organize conferences and studies on the platform for the acquisition and mediation of special company- or product-related know-how. They can also be used for competitions and sponsoring, for cooperation, event PR, trade fairs, road shows or workshops.

Influencer databases

If you want to address the masses or specialists, you have to find partners to spread your concerns. This includes not only media representatives, but also people in institutions and industries who help shape opinion as multipliers. MuthKomm has its own decision-maker databases, which open up constructive, positive cooperation with these groups of people.

Corporate Responsibility

Every modern, responsible company today faces up to the effects its activities have on people, the environment and the economic environment. Qualified PR services help to formulate principles for ethical behaviour and to communicate them internally and externally. The important topics of sustainability and corporate responsibility are one of MuthKomm’s areas of expertise.

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